Intro to HDMI eLearning Modules

Welcome to the Vanco Intro to HDMI Courses within the Vanco Training Center. Here you will find introductory modules that explains what HDMI technology is, what its limitations are, and how to overcome those limitations.

There are two modules, "HDMI 101" and "HDMI 102" courses, and once completed, you will be given access to the HDMI Quick Reference Tool (QRT). as well as multiple resources will be unlocked to help learn more about HDMI with product videos, webinar recordings, PowerPoint slides, case studies, and more!

This Quick Reference Tool (QRT) provides a brief overview of the components of an HDMI Cable, common issues HDMI can encounter, Vanco's solution to these issues, and the quality of Vanco's cable construction. This is meant to be a quick refresher.
  • HDMI 101 - Introduction to HDMI Technology
  • HDMI 102 - Vanco HDMI Solutions
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed